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Qi Gong means "to practice Qi" and is also called „to grow the forces of life”. It includes meditative elements and is a prophylactic method of breathing and meditation exercises and therapy.


Self-Healing with Acupressure is based on the proven methods, knowledge and tradition of chinese medicin. Our app focuses on 10 symptoms and shows you how they can be treated by stimulating 10 points of your body without any side effects. We will help you choose the right treatment, find the points and help your body recover and heal itself.


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We try our best to make our apps bug free. but we are a small team and small mistakes happen to the best of us. Do you have a problem using one of our apps, or have you found an error? Then visit our help page first. I this doesn't solve your problem, please feel free to contact us. We also appreciate any kind of personal feedback: praise, critic or ideas about how to improve our apps.

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Should you have a problem with one our apps please read our help page first. If your're still stuck and you would like to contact us, simply use the contact form on our help page. You can also write to our support at this email adress: