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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General information

Our apps often contain video sequences. Therefore, they are relatively large and should best be installed via a fast wireless internet connection (WiFi) and not over a cellular connection.

All of our apps are as optimized to run smoothly even on older devices. But please refer to the exact requirements of each App in the App Store, or on our website to be sure your device is supportet.

An app doesn't react to touches and appears to be frozen

For iOS Versions 6 and earlier:
Restart the app from scratch. To exit the app first, press the Home button. Then press it again twice quickly. A list of recently used apps will appear. Swipe until you see the app you want to restart. Keep your finger until it starts to wiggle and a red minus sign appears. Now tap the minus sign and the app disappears. That will force a restart next time you launch it. Now press the home button again to get to the home screen and launch the app again. If the problem still persists, please restart your device once. If the app still won't work properly, please delete the app from the device once and then re-install it from the App Store. Please feel free to contact us for help if you get stuck.

On iOS 7, please double tap the home button. A list with your recently used apps will appear. Look for the app you want to restart, touch it and slide it to the top of the devices screen. It will "fly" of the screen. That means it's now reset. You can now restart it by tapping it's icon on the homescreen.

There's no sound

Please check to see if the device is muted. Move the mute switch on the side of the unit upwards. Please also try to raise the volume by pressing the upper volume button on the side.

My problem is not on the list or I am stuck

In case your problem is not listed here, or you get stuck, please don not hesitate to contact us via Email. We'll try to work it out together.

How to contact us

We try very hard to program our apps carefully and test them thoroughly before release. If your problem persists, you find a mistake, or simply have a wish or suggestion, we would be delighted to hear from you. Do not hesitate to write an email to [] us (mailto: .