Organ Flow

Improve your health with Qi Gong Meditation

Oran Flow was developed by Dr. Gabriel Stux in his daily practice of acupuncture, which uses breathing and meditation and that improves the flow of life energy between the five internal organs and their functions. Our app will guide you through a complete session and teaches you how use Organ Flow as a therapy for a lot of common symptoms, like stress and fatigue.

What is Organ Flow Qi Gong?

Developed and practiced by Dr. Gabriel Stux on the basis of Qi Gong, Organ Flow meditation promotes a healthier life. It is also a way to support an acupuncture treatment and increases its effect.

Organ Flow Qi Gong Meditation is an advanced and complex form of Qi Gong, involving the five organs Lung - Kidney - Liver - Heart - Spleen and their functions. After the loading cycle of the five phases, the flow of life energy between the five internal organs is encouraged. Weakened or impaired organs can usually be significantly strengthened and harmonized by this method. In the cycle of the organs the previous organ strengthens the next.

Organ flow Qi Gong involves intensive organ-related breathing and meditation methods. In Chinese medicine, the functions of the organs will be given a prominent position. The functions of the organs are produced by the life forces. The organs are described as a memory of the life energy Qi and compared with „granaries”. The life force Qi regulates not only the quantity of life but also the quality of the energy functions. Is the life energy of a body weakened by stress, for example, the function of this organ is said to be incomplete or deficient.

What is Qi?

The life energy is the vitality which we live by and our life force: Qi. This life force Qi is the basis of all life. It forms the basis of the Chinese description of nature. The Qi is present everywhere in nature, is the life force that is evident in all living things in terms of change and movement.