Self-Healing with Acupressure

Cure 10 common symptoms with 10 points

Self-Healing with Acuressure shows you 10 ways to treat 10 common symptoms and ailments. With the included video lessons you will learn how to help your body to heal without the need of medication. Our app was developed with mobile devices in mind and is easy to use and looks beautiful on the new retina screens.

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What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a natural way to help your body to self heal and is free of side effects and a good way to treat everyday discomforts.

What's included?

With this app, we want to give you a quick and practical introduction to the treatment with acupressure. This is why "Self-Healing with Acupressure" is not meant to be a complex and complete lexicon, but it rather focuses on treating everyday ailments with methods that can be learned very quickly. All at a fraction of the price of a single pack of painkillers and without the risk of side effects.

The design and development of "Self-Healing with Acupressure" were supervised by acclaimed author and practitioner Dr. Gabriel Stux. As one of the chairmen of the [German Acupuncture Society] (, he has over 20 years of experience in training and the practice of acupuncture and acupressure.

Our app helps with:
Headache and migraine
Neck pain
Menstrual pain
Pain relief in general
Morning sickness
Muscle tensions
Exhaustion and fatigue
Stress and unrest
Nausea and vomitting
Anxiety and stress
Acupressure points and what they treat:
Di. 4 - Hegu – Pain in general, headaches
Pe. 6 – Nausea, Vomitting, Seekrankheit, Beruhigung der Psyche und bei Herzklopfen, Herzrasen
He. 7 – Calm the mind, relax heart tensions, palpitations, tachycardia
Ma. 44 – Pain, headache, joint pain
Du 26 - Revive and activate when fatigued, treat poor circulation and weakness
MP. 6 - Diseases of the pelvic organs, weakness of the kidneys and liver
Ex. 1 – Difficulty concentrating, headaches, relaxing, invigorating
Dü. 3 - Neck pain, cervical spine
Di. 10 - and Di. 11 Harmonizing effect, relaxing, invigorating, strengthening
Ma. 36 - Nausea, vomiting, stomach and intestinal discomfort, weakness